If it were not for Patrick Snow, my book would have never been published so quickly. Not only did he get me published in less than three months, he helped me create a wold-class book that can help women worldwide while also helping me launch my speaking career. Everything Patrick Snow has done for me has exceeded my greatest expectations.
Christine Bledy (Los Angeles, CA)
Author, Professional Speaker, and Coach
Without Patrick Snow, his step-by-step proven, empowering a coaching program. Sexy in your 60's would still be in a dream stage. His Publishing Road Map blueprint was instrumental in moving me through the awesome journey and experience of becoming a published author. Patrick is hands-on, supportive, creative, and caring. He guides his clients while providing access to his master mind group -- experts in their field who provide all the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality. Patrick and his program will be a necessary part of my literary and speaking life forever!
Joan M. Bunney (Seattle, WA)
Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant for Social Change
Patrick Demonstrates a unique coaching style. I started speaking about my book before it was finished. When I booked my first speaking engagement Patrick came-up with a game plan to pre-sell the book in advance, which worked out perfectly. His accountability partnership during the writing process enabled me to finish my book in nine months. Patrick is simply the best in the book publishing industry.
Emily Soroko (Fairfax, VA)
Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
Patrick Snow has been instrumental in assisting me in achieving perhaps the greatest goal of my life to this point. Seeing Soaring Beyond Fear in print is the realization of decades of intense work and my own personal journey. I could not recommend Patrick higher to those with the vision of publishing their book. His professionalism insight and humor have made this experience FUN beyond my expectations!
Pery Chinn, D.C (Tukwila, WA)
Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
For all who wish to chronicle their experience and passions and write a book, don't do it without Patrick Snow! His publishing road map will save you tremendous time and money! Writing a book is like birthing a baby, Patrick is the primary care doctor of books! Allow Patrick to guide you not only through the writing process, but marketing and developing your promotional business plan.
Debi Waldeck (Sammamish, WA)
Author, International Speaker, Business/Health Coach, Internet Entrepreneur
Working with Patrick Snow and his dream team of professionals has been the best experience I have had professionally in 28 years! Patrick's process has been seamless, affordable, and time-saving due to his wealth of knowledge and industry connections. His is a well-oiled machine! His week-by-week assignments and heartfelt inspiration kept me on track and focused during the entire publishing process. I never felt overwhelmed and he was always just a mouse-click away when I had a question. I highly recommend working with The Snow Group!
Mary Flinn (Greensboro, NC)
Patrick Snow was a pleasure to work with. His expertise and years of experience helped me publish my book in very efficient manner. It has worth every dollar to hire him as my book publishing coach, and I am confident it would have been more expensive and taken twice as much time had I not hired him. Having access to his team of trusted professionals including editors, proofreaders, graphic artists, publishers & distribution experts was invaluable. I wouldn't have known who to call or where to start to find folks of this caliber without his guidance.
Jason R. Parker
Patrick is an energetic and focused publishing coach. His motivation and direction will rub off on you. His resources, knowledge and expertise will save you time and frustration. By far the biggest benefits is getting your idea out of your head into a published work. If you want to write and publish a book, hire Patrick and it will become your destiny.
Marv White (Hartford, CT)
Speaker, Author & Business Coach
My book is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in three categories. I sell 60 - 100 books each day and have sold over 30,000 books to date. I speak regularly across the country and now own Autismworks.com, a company that creates programs for people like me with autism. So if anyone doubts that they can write a book, please let them know if Patrick can help a 19 years old with autism do it, they can too.
Tyler McNamer (Seattle, WA)
Speaker, Author & Business Coach
Hiring Patrick Snow has been one of the best investments I have ever made. As a first time author, he helped pave the way for my dream to turn into a reality. Witch each step of his publishing coaching process, even the most minute detail was given attention. Patrick is energetic, honest and a confident. If you aspire to be an author or a public speaker, this is the person you want to have on your team!
Shannon S. Carlson (Tacoma, WA)
Author, Professional Speaker, and Coach
Patrick Snow changed my life when I started working with him a few short months ago. I had just started writing my book. With his boundless energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. I started and completed my book in just 5 shorts months. It has been a dream of mine to write a book, and with Patrick's guidance and publishing road map, my dreams have come true. Thank you Patrick.
Mary Pat Faley (Encino, CA)
Author, Professional Speaker, and Coach
Patrick Snow's coaching made my book possible. I was 75% done with the writing, but lacked the motivation and resources to convert my concept into a physical product. Then I met Patrick. Patrick's enthusiasm for my project sparked me back into action. His book publishing knowledge and assistance were paramount in getting me through writing, into editing, through publishing, designing, formatting, printing, marketing and numerous other steps that would have taken me years to get through on my own. From hiring Patrick to releasing my book at a huge conference in San Francisco was less than three months. Hiring Patrick was the single best investment I made in my future.
Sunday Tollefson (Tacoma, WA)
Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
Writing my book was one thing. Figuring out the rest-- publishing options, design decisions, printing options, marketing ideas--all of this was completely overwhelming for me. And this is where Patrick Snow shines! I am so grateful for his help and guidance in getting my book out there in a classy and effective way. Patrick has developed an amazing system to help you realize your dream. He is authentic, passionate, knowledgeable, and he'll be your biggest fan! His coaching program has my highest recommendation.
M. Marcy Jones (Lynchburg, VA)
Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
The sure way to success is to find someone who has experience and success in what you want to do and Patrick Snow has both! Patrick is the coach of all coaches. He makes writing, publishing, and marketing a book simple. He lays out a SUCCESS road map that makes it easy for anyone who truly wants to write and produce a successful book. I highly recommend his service. It will be the best investment of your life.
Eric Castenda (Los Angeles, CA)
Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
In November, I stumbled upon a Patrick Snow presentation on publishing your own book. The following March I was holding a copy of our book in hands. Without Patrick's wisdom, experience, connections, motivation and desire to coach us through the process every step of the way, I would be empty handed today. He provided me with all the necessary resources to take a dream and make it reality. My kids, family, friends and the rest of the world now have in their possession a book that will stand the rest of time. I cannot stress enough my gratitude for Patrick Snow's services on publishing one's work. He is in a class all his own.
Randall Broad (Kirkland, Wa)
About for years ago I was privileged to see Patrick Snow speak at Sacramento State University. Seeing him in action inspired me both as a speaker and writer. Within a week or so I retained his services as both a publishing and speaking coach. He has been a huge part of my success and continues supporting me in my pursuit of other publishing and speaking endeavors. I greatly admire Patrick's consistent professionalism. Securing his coaching services has been one of the most beneficial investments I have ever made. Without a doubt the return I have had on this investment has far exceeded my expectations!
Tina Marie (Kings Beach, CA)
Author, Speaking, Holistic Health Care Advocate
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about publishing my own book. At least I did until, by a stroke of sheer luck, I was introduced to Patrick, just a week before my book was scheduled to go to press. Thank heavens I called Patrick! I am convinced that Patrick's suggestions will prove to be the difference between moderate success of my book and overwhelming success of my book. I wish I had talked with Patrick at the beginning of the process because I am thrilled to be working with him now.
Laura Wells McKnight
Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
After investing in Patrick Snow's coaching system I published my book in 57 days. Since writing my book, our organization has received over $100 million in real estate donations. Patrick taught me to use my book to promote our organization which resulted in new donors. It will allow me to create hospitals, schools and feeding centers for children around the world. All of this because Patrick taught me to put my heart into ink and paper. Patrick's system has been the best investments of our lives.
Dr. Gayla Holley (Houston, TX)
Philanthropist, Author, Speaker and Founder of Moms Against Hunger