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This intellectual property has taken me more than 25 years to develop and perfect. I have sold upwards of one million copies of my books in five languages and 108 countries, landed a front page cover story in USA TODAY, The New York Times and Forbes, served more than 1,200 coaching clients worldwide and given more than 3,500 paid speeches on four continents. More importantly, my clients have achieved massive success applying this coaching to their lives. Now you can do the same. Honestly, though, it has not been an easy journey for me. I have made countless mistakes along the way. This is why I have created this course for you-to save you money and compress the time it will take you to achieve your goals. I am looking forward to serving you. I am very confident that you will benefit and be pleased with your results!

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Patrick Snow
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Top 5 Requirements To Become A Bestselling Author

Top 5 Requirements To Become A Bestselling Author

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